Upon confirmation of your payment we will contact you to confirm your address & courier your SAT System package.

Let us know when it arrives so we can install the SAT System Templates & Code onto your computer & fine tune the Trading Station for you.

Your first training session includes an overview of the Trading Station & the SAT System.

Then the fun begins. Learn at your own pace & contact us anytime you have questions & to set up further one on one sessions.

Still have Questions?

E-Mail us

Premium Membership Includes:

> Access to the Currency Connect Members Area

> Training materials

> One on One sessions

> Trading Station set up & fine tuning



SAT System code includes:

> SAT System Customized Chart Template

> SAT System Trading Calculator

> SAT System YELLOW Trigger

> SAT System WHITE Trigger

> SAT System RED Trigger

> SAT System Sound files

> SAT System Action Alerts

> SAT System Trade Alerts

Charts after applying the Customized SAT Templates

SAT System Alerts

$20 Per Month

$5,000 All Inclusive

Premium Membership Also Includes:

SAT System Training & Support

> 1 hour 1X1 training sessions (first year included)

> Ongoing communication via Skype, E-mail, Phone, Text messaging

> SAT System Trade Alerts   (9 major currency pairs, first year included)

> SAT System  Action Alerts  (9 major currency pairs, first year included)

> SAT System iBook for iPads

> SAT System Video Tutorials

> SAT System Animated Tutorials

> SAT System Weekly & private Webinar sessions

Monthly $500.00

x 12 Months


FOREX overview:


This informative and educational book has 156 pages of information relating to the FOREX market. It is an excellent source of background information. Also available as an iBook

The SAT Triggers execute BUY or SELL trades automatically when the Yellow, White & Red targets have been hit.

SAT System Workbook:


This beautifully produced booklet covers the SAT System in detail. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the Videos & Animations we have produced to enhance your understanding & implementation of the SAT System. Also available as an iBook

SAT System Trading Calculator

Simply enter the Stop Loss you want to use & the SAT System Calculator displays the potential loss.

This easy to use powerful tool calculates your potential loss, in any given trade, both as a percentage as well as a dollar amount before you take the trade.

Companion Book


This booklet covers other trading methods as well as basic information regarding the charts & the patterns that develop. Also available as an iBook

iBook for iPads


This beautifully produced iBook has 44 pages of Images, Animations, & Videos that give an in-depth explanation of the Currency Connect SAT System & how it works.


Also included are Q & A sections to test your understanding of the system.

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