Open a Self Traded Live account.


Self traded accounts are for people that want to trade by themselves.


Open a Mirror Account


Mirror Trader is for people that want to duplicate the SAT System trades without having to trade themselves.


When a trade is taken in the SAT System Mirror Trader Master account, the trades will be "Mirrored" in your account proportional to the size of your account & the Leverage Ratio you choose. Minimum account size $2,500USD.


You will be able to view in real time your account status via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device as well as see the trades taken on the MT4 Trading Station on your computer. You will not be able to interact with the trades but you are able to add to or withdraw funds from your "Mirrored Account" when ever you wish.


Currency Connect Global Ltd can not access your account or your funds. You are simply agreeing to "Mirror" the SAT System trades taken in the Master Account proportionally to the size of your account..


For Mirror Trader Accounts:

After you have applied for & funded your LIVE account you must contact us so we can attach your account to the Master Account. Also we will need to install the SAT System Template onto your MT4 Trading Station so you can view the live trades correctly.


AVA will then attach your LIVE account to the SAT System Master account.


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