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Open a FREE practice account & start trading.

The MT4 Trading Station you are about to download is supplied by AVATRADE. They are the brokerage company that will look after your DEMO & Live trading accounts as well as execute the trades you place.

If needed AVATRADE can help you regarding technical support for the Trading Station they supply but they WILL NOT answer questions regarding the Currency Connect SAT Systems. See the Support page.


Once installed you need to contact us at Currency Connect & schedule your first FREE session so we can install the Custom Templates & Code that makes the SAT System work.

Already have a DEMO account?

Instead of applying again for a 2nd or 3rd DEMO account you can re set the account back to $100,000 by e-mailing your name and existing DEMO account number to:

Please make sure that your chosen platform is  Metatrader 4

Then follow the instructions.



Markets are closed between Friday & Sunday afternoons so the Trading Station will not work between these times. You must be using a computer that is running Windows or a Mac running Windows either in Bootcamp, Parallels or VM WareFusion.


Download the Trading Station

Then e-mail us so we can schedule an on line appointment

to install the Customized SAT System Templates & Code:


Pass Code Tracker

Print the Pass Code Tracker so you can keep track of the pass codes you will need to access the Back Offices you will be using:


Mobile Apps

Windows users:

Download & Install Safari Web Browser onto your Computer

Safari Web Browser & Quick Time will enhance your viewing experience with all of our on line content. If you are using Windows or our videos do not work you will need to install Quick Time.

The advanced features in Safari make it an even better place to explore the web. Safari searches even smarter so you'll find web pages download faster. It shows you all your open tabs in a great new way. Right from Safari, you can tweet web pages, post them on Facebook, or share then via Mail or Messages. And with even more features, browsing is just the beginning.

The MetaTrader 4 FREE Mobile Apps

Available for Apple iPhone, iPad & Android devices are excellent for keeping up to date with your open trades. Simply log into your AVA trading account to access your trading station.

The applications are excellent for keeping track of & adjusting your open trades but is not really intended to analyze charts & take new trades.

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iPad images


Choose the pair to trade


View your open trades


Check your results


Check your history

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