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Share with others & develop a full or part time income

Currency Connect has developed a simple yet rewarding affiliate plan for sharing the opportunity with others.


Affiliate plans pay rebates on purchases through two levels. You get paid on your personal referrals, we call this your first level or L1.  As your first level also refer people not only are they rewarded - so are you. We call this your second level or L2.


By referring 4 people you can recoup your initial program fee. If those 4 people duplicate the process, so that they can also recoup their initial program fee, you will earn 2.4 times your initial program fee.


By referring just one person per month & having your team duplicate the process you would earn $24,600.


Unlike MLM programs where you earn a small percentage from the efforts of thousands of people, with our plan all you need is a few good members on your team to earn a great part time income.

Additionally as we introduce other products such as advanced training programs & monthly support features, that your team sees value in, you will receive monthly income that can increase as your team grows.


In your Back Office you will find your unique Banners & Links. Share these links with the people you know & post them on your social media pages such as Linked-in, Face Book & Twitter. If people click on these links & become Currency Connect Members they are automatically placed under you in the affiliate plan.


You can easily track your team as it grows & view your income results from your Back Office. Set up a PayPal account so you can receive your monthly incomes easily.


Back Office Overview:


Edit Profile:

This area allows you to change your password, update your e-mail address & your phone number.


Affiliate Info:

This area has your Banners & unique links. Add the links & Banners to your E-Mails, & Social Media pages so when others sign up they will be placed under you automatically. Start building your marketing team.


These Links are your "Unique URL or TAGs" that when clicked will attach your personal referrals to your first level & their referrals to your second level within  the Currency Connect 2 level affiliate plan.


You are also able to review your affiliate statistics & update your payment options.


Payments History:

This area tracks the payments made by your referrals for things such as course purchases & monthly subscriptions for the Alerts etc.


Add / Renew Subscription

Here you & your clients can choose how they want to proceed with Currency Connects Members options. Either as a FREE Member or by choosing to purchase the courses offered as well as the type of monthly subscriptions.


Main Page:

Here you can overview your Active Subscriptions, Logout, or jump right back to the Members Area.

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